Welcome to the Personal Pet Services Blog!

I’m Lynsey, owner of Personal Pet Services and IMDT qualified Dog Trainer.

Besides creating more work for myself, I wanted to start this blog to help you, the reader, the pet owner, offer the very best of life for your pet.

In modern times, being a pet owner can be confusing, time consuming, complicated and daunting! From considering the services you require, (vets, groomers, food suppliers, kennels, catteries) to working out how to tackle puppy/kitten stages, to old age and health problems, being a pet owner is a far cry from feeding your pet twice a day and taking your dog for a walk!

The resources available are very contradicting, ‘everybody’ you ask ‘knows best’, and you can spend more time ‘researching’ what to do, rather than ‘practising’ how to do it.

My aim is try and offer a ‘well rounded’ blog, that offers non biased advice on a wide variety of topics and local news that will interest the Dorset pet owner.

With many posts to follow, I hope you find this blog informative, factual and most importantly enjoyable!

Until next time

Lynsey xxx